Making Renting Fair

So much debate and discussion at the moment because rents are high, and vacancy is low… things need to change to make it “fair”


I am a huge advocate for fairness and equality. Even though I am a “just” a property manager I also get to see both “sides” of the equation, which is questionable for some of the advocate groups.


I find it difficult to understand how the government can be entertaining some of the suggested changes to the Residential Tenancies A.C.T., some of which have only just come into place!


Yes, we are in a peak rental market, however it was not so long ago, the rental market was not as “tight”. Rents were dropping 5-10% vacancy was high, and landlords were having to do upgrades on their investments to get them rented.


During this time, there was more break of leases than ever, I mean why not break the lease when you can rent a similar property for $50 a week less! Who suffered then? With no real accountability, landlords were lucky to be able to rent-coup the lost rent, let alone any advertising expenses. If it ended up at ACAT it was all about minimising the tenant’s loss, not the landlords.


So, yes let’s make it fair, if you sign a contract you are held accountable if you break that contract. You can’t just break you phone contract, electricity contract, gym membership contract… actually ANY contract without a penalty… so why should a tenancy agreement be any different?


We have the longest “no cause” termination in the country!  A tenant can give 21 days to leave but the landlord has to give 26 weeks!!! yes, so let’s make it fair


Pets in rental properties…. hmm …For the record…. I love my dog and he is a very important part of my family, I would be pretty upset if I couldn’t rent a house because we had him.


A large number of rental properties in Canberra are people’s homes that they rent out while on a posting or work deployment. So, they WILL be moving back in. Taking away the right of that owner to preclude pets from living in their home is just plain unfair.


In my opinion, allowing an optional Pet Bond is the best way to meet all parties needs. The tenant keeps the pet, gets a house to rent and the owner has some security if there are concerns about damage and destruction.


It has already been in the news that investors are leaving the Canberra market, with all the increases to rates and the huge land taxes payable, the numbers just don’t stack up. click here to read more


It makes sense doesn’t it?         More investors = more properties = more supply = less demand which = decreased rents


Come on ACT Government, see the bigger picture, let’s make it fair

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